Article 1. General terms and definitions.

These general conditions apply to a temporary lease between the owner and tenant of a holiday home.

  • Tenant:The person renting the owner’s house for some time and has paid the rent agreed with the owner.
  • Owner: Holiday home @Pinos are those who rents the house to the tenant.
  • Lease: agreement between the tenant and the owner about renting a house.
  • Owner: Owner of the house, or his representative, gives in agreement with the owner, the availability of the apartment to the tenant.
  • Rental price: price per night x the number of agreed nights. The rent can be increased with costs and security deposit.
  • Down payment: the part of the rent that the tenant must when booking the owner.
  • Deposit: amount payable by the tenant in advance for any costs, loss or damage for which the tenant is responsible.
  • Arrival and departure: the deadlines agreed between the tenant and the owner.

Article 2. Conclusion lease.

The owner must inform the tenant of the object of rental, prices and conditions that are important for the creation of the lease. The lease is concluded after the tenant have finished completely and sent the reservation through the website of the property, and after the confirmation was sent to him by the owner.

Article 3. Payment Terms.

Within five days after booking by the tenant via the website of the property, the deposit should be paid to the bank account by the tenant to the owner. If the deposit is not paid into the bank account of the owner within the prescribed period, the lease results have not been concluded. No later than two months before the holiday, the full rent and security deposit must be paid on the account of the owner. When this condition is not met, the right to rent the holiday home @Pinos, is denied all this in compliance with the provisions of Article 9.

Article 4. Expenses.

If there are fees on the amount applied to the rental, they will be posted on the website of the property. The tenant will make the payment in the same way as rent.

Article 5. Deposit

The owner is entitled to demand a security deposit to the tenant. The deposit must be paid in advance on request. The deposit will be after the end of the agreed stay, paid by the owner to the tenant’s bank account within one week. All this, less the costs of damage, malfunctions and / or loss or disproportionate consumption of energy. Any possible deduction is reasonable to the owners judgment.

Article 6. Obligations of the lessor.

The owner must ensure that the holiday house at the agreed time of arrival is in a well maintained condition and made available to the tenant in accordance with the booking confirmation.

Article 7. Obligations of the lessee.

On arrival at the house, the tenant is required to inspect the property and its immediate surroundings for potentially dangerous situations. If, in the opinion of the tenant, there is a dangerous situation, it shall immediately notify the owner. The tenant must give the owner a reasonable time to bring the situation in order. If the situation, according to the tenant’s notice is not secure enough, then the tenant must immediately notify @Pinos.
In the holiday home, it is permitted to accommodate up to maximum six people. Only named persons specified by the tenant during the booking are allowed to stay in the house.
In addition, it is forbidden to open closed doors so-called private. Leaving the house, even for a short time, the house should be completely closed with keys. In case of theft or loss due to the negligence of the tenants, they will be responsible for the entire loss. The apartment is non-smoking. In case of fire due to negligence, the tenant will be liable for damages. Normal use of water and electricity is free. If it seems that there is an unusually high consumption, cost will be an additional cost to the tenant.

Article 8.  Arrival and departure from the holiday home.

Arrivals and departures take place on the dates mentioned in the booking confirmation. The arrival of the tenant is allowed between 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. The departure must take place before 10:00. Upon arrival, the tenant will check the house and the immediate vicinity if, in his opinion, it is safe (see section 7).
Upon arrival, the tenant will check the house itself. If something is damaged, the tenant must notify the owner within 24 hours after arrival. It will do its best to repair or replace.
The scheduled departure of the tenant in time to be sent to the owner.
The holiday home at the end of the stay must be returned clean called “sweep” by the tenant. The furniture moved again be returned to its original place. The damage must be reported directly by the tenant to the owner.

Article 9. The termination or modification of the lease by the tenant.

Changes to a reservation can only be made by the tenants except after consultation with and approval of the owner.
In case of total or partial cancellation by the tenant booking the trip or during the rental, no refund of the rent will be made. Irrespective of whether the cancellation is before, during or after the stay.
If the arrival or stay is delayed or the start of the stay is advanced, the full rent will remain payable.

Article 10. Termination or modification of the lease by the owner.

The owner may terminate or amend the lease in the following cases:
a. in non-compliance (timely) payment of rent by the tenant.
b. in case of force majeure, war, strikes, natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of the lessor or owner or their immediate families. All amounts paid by the tenant for the nights not used will be returned within 30 days of termination to the tenant.
c. due to circumstances which are such as the rental of the holiday becomes impossible as among others: theft, vandalism at home and allow unauthorized persons to housing as defined in Article 7. If it is due the tenant paid the nights not used will not be refunded.
The owner is not liable for damages suffered by the tenant as a result of the cancellation of the lease.

Article 11. Responsibility and law.

The owner declines any responsibility for:
a. theft, loss or damage of any kind incurred by the lessee during or after the rental in the rented house.
b. decomposition or in operability of technical equipment in the house, failures or temporary interruptions of water and / or energy management, road and / or construction in the vicinity of the holiday home.
c. damage or injury resulting from the use of the holiday home, including accidents in and around the house.
The tenant is responsible for any loss and / or damage to the leased property, whether as a result of acts or omissions of the tenant or third parties who are authorized by the lessee or around the rented house. If there is abuse or misuse, rented accommodation costs will be charged to the tenant. The owner will make every effort to provide correct information to the tenant, but is not responsible for errors and / or omissions in the information provided unexpected. All disputes between landlord and tenant is governed by Belgian law.

Article 12. Complaints

All complaints regarding the use of the holiday home must be immediately submitted to the owner by the tenant. The tenant must give the opportunity owner and adequate support to resolve the complaint within a reasonable time.
If defects found or complaint can be resolved by the owner, the tenant must contact the owner as soon as possible. It will try as soon as possible to resolve the tenant satisfaction.
If the complaint can not be resolved satisfactorily, it must be reasoned and written by the tenant to the owner. Complaints can be filed to the owner within 30 days after the stay.

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